Cakes (Not in use)

Our cakes will soon be available for sale here, in the meantime if you see a cake you like you can order via the contact page, they are made with gluten and wheat free flour, anything can be put into them and taken out depending on your preferences or food intolerance. We have created recipes to ignite the palette using sugar and fat reduced formulae. Our free-from cakes incorporate super-foods and super fruits. The cakes listed below are all available via mail order and are available in different sizes. If you require wholesale supply or like eating cake you can order our 20 portion cake. We also have a 4 portion cake if you are having friends over.

Apple, Pear and Raisin Crumble Cake, generous chunks of apple and pear mixed with raisins, mixed peel and cinnamon. Available gluten/wheat free or dairy free. 20 portion easy to slice cake or 4 portion mini version.




Carrot, Orange & Goji Berry, 50% Carrot makes this delicious and healthy cake the new salad! Topped with the super food Goji Berry. Lemon zest butter cream topping. Available gluten free and wheat free. Or alternatively you could have dairy free and vegan. 20 portion and 4 portion cakes made daily.


The Bakewell Cake, the famous and most popular Bakewell with 50% frangipane makes this delicious cake a mouth watering sensation. Sprinkled with toasted almonds and filled with a layer of jam it’s also available gluten free. 20 portions and 4 portion cakes.



Banana & Walnut Cake, luxurious, delicious and healthy, the ultimate healthy banana and walnut cake. Available gluten free and wheat free. If you prefer we can do dairy free and vegan with the same great taste. 20 portion and 4 portion cakes.



Lemon & Coconut Cake, zest of many lemons and their juice combined with toasted coconut, topped with fresh coconut and its juice make this citrus cake balanced with natural sweetness. Available gluten free and wheat free or dairy free and vegan. 20 portion and 4 portion cakes.




Chocolate & Pistachio or Almond or Algae Cake, using 81% Cocoa content chocolate to top this chocolatey cake is chocolate heaven. The fix of all fixes. It can be topped with avariety of toppings. If you choose algae then this superfood adds to your protein intake and overall health benefits. Available gluten free and wheat free. 20 portion and 4 portion cakes.

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