“We are driven by generosity and imagination – our creativity follows no rules, only one principle: authentic, original cakes!”

The inspiration for Love Pure Cakes started as baking for art’s sake, to see how far we could re-invent and re-model cakes to suit the health conscious and the modern taste buds – thus the ethos is based upon the idea of super-creativity with passion and flavour using gluten and wheat free flour.

Our experimentation using an abundance of fresh produce and an outrageous attitude to baking creates a range of unexpected blends of ingredients for you to enjoy the most thrilling and gastronomic guilt and gluten free experience. Taste is never compromised as we believe you can enjoy tasty and healthy cakes in one mouthful.

Our innovation indulges our fixation as cake enthusiasts to offer you supremely delicious and healthy cakes. We love preparing them, indulging in them, gorging on them and chatting about them endlessly.

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